Why am I not publicising the name of the company from which I got £195 for bothering me on the phone?

Because I  have been paid by them for  time, I  don’t have anything against them  any more.

I am just an ordinary person and I give this information to help people like myself.

Good luck, and please email me to let me know how you get on, and what  would help if added to this site.

My name is Richard Herman.

The BBC Money Box programme showed so much interest in my story that I decided to make this website so that you can copy what I did

I have put this website together by myself to try to help you.  I cannot be responsible for what you do though! This website just tells the details of what I did that worked.

Ifi you have any thoughts please add it to the forum (on the home page), make comments on the blog (alson on the home page), or send me an email. Please type my address into your email client:

I got fed up with being cold called and found a way to stop it. Here I show you what I did.

I feel sorry for the banks

Both consumer and banks are now the fall guys because of the industry that has sprung up to try to get PPI claims. I have read on the internet, don’t know if it is true, that the banks are even finding it easier to pay PPI claims which are made up, than it is to investigate and fight them.

Don’t forget to record all your calls! If it seems a bit technical, see these videos.

BBC’s Money Box

Thank you to Money Box

As a regular listener to Money Box I heard them talking about PPI claims, and that encouraged me that I was not alone. Hopefully by their publicising that one can turn the tables will encourage more people.