I put a freshly printed note on the door close to or half over-lapping the knocker.

Why freshly printed?

So it looks like this is a current issue.

Why half over-lapping the knocker?

So they cannot miss it.

(Our bell does not work :-).

This is the wording:

Door to door salesmen:

Sorry, you have the hardest job in the world but we:

· do not buy at the door

· do not deal with charities at the door

· do not deal with trades people at the door

and we don't like to be disturbed ;-(

so please do not ring or knock.

We wish you luck further up the road.


Smile, you have been recorded!

I got fed up with being door to door sales people knocking on the door. Here is what I did.

Please tell me if these words work for you, or what you have found works better.