There are calm and simple steps to follow:

The key thing is to find out who the company is and their address. I recommend that as you are talking to them that you look them up on the Internet, so that you can be sure of their address and ideally their Registered Address and Company Number.

Record the call so that they cannot deny that that they called you, and so that you can prove that you did tell them that you would charge them for your time if they call again. Just in case tell them that you are recording.

I have put a You Tube video describing what I did and you can see here how easy it is to record from a phone, or see

I got fed up with being cold called and found a way to stop it. Here I show you what I did.

If they don’t pay, which they probably won’t, raise the claim in the small claims court. Go to

This is really easy to do, it will take you about 5 minutes, and is easier than buying from most websites!

I am not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you what to do, that has to be up to you. All I can tell you here is what I did that worked for me....

When they don’t pay your invoice, which they are unlikely to do, send this kind of letter. Sending it recorded delivery shows that you mean business as:

They cannot deny that they did heard from you

It shows that you mean business because you have been prepared to spend money on the Recorded Delivery service.

Click on the pictures to download readable and editable versions.

Examples of the covering letter to send with your invoice.

The letter is factual and calm, explains clearly why the invoice is being sent, and is clear and firm about what you plan to do.

The invoice shows your name, their name, the dates, times and duration, a total, and your how they can pay you.

Click on the pictures to download readable and editable versions.

Invoice.doc First letter.doc Second letter.doc

22nd December 2012: I have been paid for my time by cold callers twice now, once for being cold called about the PPI that I never had, and once last week about the car accident that I never had.

After the first time, the number of cold calls that I received reduced dramatically. This may mean that there are very few companies behind the cold calling scourge. So this this technique seems to work not only to get money from bothersome companies, but to reduce cold calls in total.