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There are other websites that tell you how to stop being called. However, they all depend upon other organisations such as the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who from the media do not seem to be taking much action. You can log numbers onto some websites, or complain to Which or other portals, but nobody acts against the company that actually called you. As far as I know, I am the first person to try to stop cold calls by saying that I would charge companies £10 per minute if I was phoned again, and, from August 2013, by writing to them asking for damages. Through this website I have tried to help other people to do what I have done, and not to be victimised by the cold callers. You can act if you want to. With the “power of crowds” , if enough of us team together and take action, we might be able to make it uneconomic for cold calling to take place, so that we could all have peace and quiet in our homes.


I have claimed £10,000 twice from firms of solicitors, and have claimed £4000 from another, and have £20,000 of claims pending. The handy thing about claiming for damages is that I do not have to wait for the firm  to call me back again, once I can find out who is behind the cold calls, I can write to them claiming, typically, £10,000.

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25th October 2014. It is great that the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid  (Daily Mail today)is planning to do something, but as cold calling is already illegal, and is done by or on behalf of firms of solicitors (in relation to car accidents), I do not believe that changing the definition will make enough of a change. I suggest that it should be making any call at all, and everybody in the chain of cold calls should be equally liable. This is so that when the initial cold caller does not identify themselves, but if one plays along one reaches a claims management company or firm of solicitors that is identifiable, then that company should be equally culpable and sue-able as the cold calling organisation that is remains hidden. I have experience and recordings to show the practicalities of all  this. I will try to contact the Culture Secretary’s office next week.