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There are other websites that tell you how to stop being called. However, they all depend upon other organisations such as the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

As far as I know, I am the first person to try to stop cold calls by saying that I would charge companies £10 per minute if I was phoned again, and, from August 2013, by writing to them asking for damages. Through this website I have tried to help other people to do what I have done, and not to be victimised by the cold callers.

£10 per minute

Four firms have paid me between them some £900 because they called me again, and I invoiced them for my time. If they did not pay my invoice, I raised a claim in the small claims court, and then they paid before it went to court. How I did this is shown on this website.


I have claimed £10,000 twice from firms of solicitors, and have claimed £4000 from another, and have £20,000 of claims pending. The handy thing about claiming for damages is that I do not have to wait for the firm  to call me back again, once I can find out who is behind the cold calls, I can write to them claiming, typically, £10,000.

Organisations will not do anything much to help you

The Telephone Preference Service was set up by the direct marketing industry to save their members from wasting their time by calling people who do not want to be called. It does not have any teeth. The Information Commissioner’s Office does have the ability to sue cold callers, but their 388 employees have only sued some 6 organisations in some 10 years. You can log numbers onto some websites, or complain to Which or other portals, but nobody acts on anything.

But you can act, if you want to

The only way to stop being bullied on the phone is to record your calls and to pursue the callers as I have done here - take matters into your own hands. You decide what do to, you are in control. I don’t mind helping other people to do what I have done, because if enough of us do it it would cause the economics of cold calling to collapse, so we could all have some peace. Ii you are interested in claiming damages of up to £10,000 from the cold calls that you receive let me know by emailing me and I will put the work into  this website to explain how to do it. (To stop me being spammed this is not a link, so please type it into your email programme.)

To the 61,000* visitors to this site: Thank you for your support & hundreds of emails.
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* As at 24th March 2014
Fed up with cold calls?
My website shows you how to do something about without depending on others

How it stresses us all

Half of the people who have contacted me through this website have told me that they have given up using their land line. I feel less stressed though as I now make money from it.

Who it does not stress

The UK is the whiplash capital of the world. If you had had backache after a car accident, you would presumably have raised it at the time. To only raise it after having been cold called, shows that many members of the public collude with the cold callers in saying that they have backache in order to make some £3000 for themselves. Because these people agree to collude with the cold callers, there is money to be made by their collusion with the claims management companies and solicitors. As there is money to be made, more and more people cold call to make more money, and the more of us get infuriated. These 3 levels could all be the same company, or maybe three different companies, we cannot know.

BBC Radio York

Last Thursday, 3rd April 2014, I  was interviewed by Jonathan Cowap on Radio York. As came up in the interview, if you would like to try to do what I have done in claiming money for damages for having been cold called, please email (address at the bottom of this page) to let me know. As claiming for damages takes a lot of detailed letter writing, perhaps half a day or a day and a half, it will take me (and I am just an ordinary guy at home) quite a long time to write a guide for how to do it, so I am trying to gauge how many people would be bothered to what I have done. So do please let me know. Certainly though, to get thousands of pounds for a day’s work is a good use of time, and really means that we can turn the tables.

Together we can stamp it out

I have heard that in Israel cold calling has died out, as it is easy for people to claim damages from  the cold callers. If enough of us in the UK can do this, then it would make the economics of cold calling collapse. So please email  if you would be prepared to write a long letter, if enough people write to me I might ask a computer friend to write some kind of a wizard to make it easier to do. I have found that once